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Arleen E. Goscinski, ASA

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Replaced old version of sharing service with new version used on most websites.
Sharing service provides quick, anonymous way to post a page to social media, sed to a friend, print, make into PDF, etc.
Removed Free Info page which was not used.
Removed Tell a Friend and Suggest pages, which were not used.
Reworked Service Map and FAQs graphics.
Updated Web Links pages to update website links and add new ones.
Updated Bookshelf on Web Links page, removing outdated, updating some, adding new current books.
Tested site reputation: Not blacklisted by any service.
Tested for malware and hacks. No problems found.
Tested search engine rankings for relevant terms. Still Page 1.
Checked and corrected all pages for out of date references and for dead or wrong links.
Reworked Tips pages to include new Menu to other tips pages.
Changed ASA logo to new version on home, resume and FAQs pages.
Removed link to IPWare site, now defunct.
Reviewed Tips, and Free Info pages, which are out of date technically or factually.
Removed links to Real Estate and Appraisal Forums as directed.
Changed homepage and resume to show Ms. Goscinski is now past Columbia Prez and member of Board, as directed.
Added content rating metatag: General.
Changed bookmark script to AddThis social networking bookmark.
Created XML sitemap for search engines.
Registered with Google website tools.
Registered with Google Analytics.
Changed commerecial appraisals and commercial properties to vacant land, as directed.
Changed Third Vice President to President, as directed.
Changed appraisal fee as directed.
Fixed bad link as requested.
Added qualification as expert witness for the Eastern District Bankruptcy Court to resume.
Changed Ms. Goscinski's CSA designation on homepage and resume to Third Vice President. Removed NYS license number from resume, as directed.
Changed Tips columns to include "See all tips topics" at the top, hyperlinked to a full list of Tips columns at the bottom.
Removed drop-down navigation for other Tips columns.
Changed homepage to show Ms. Goscinski is now Secretary of Columbia Society.
Removed homepage alert box for tips page.
Changed resume to show Ms. Goscinski now serves on Board of Directors of ASA Chapter and is Treasurer of CSA.
Changed homepage to show Ms. Goscinski now serves on Board of Directors of ASA Chapter and is Treasurer of CSA.
Changed FAQs to reflect current average pricing of appraisal of single-family house.
Added favicon.ico for bookmarking.
Converted Habitat article to Tips page format.
Completed new button graphics, began reworking page menus to accomodate.
Changed all forms to use new disable on submit JavaScript.
Changed opening paragraphs to dropcaps with uppercase lead in.
Revised Clients and Testimonials pages as directed, changing Thanks to All! heading to Individual Clients, removing quotation and graphic on Testimonials page.
Reworked all javascript menus and links to change to search-engine friendly forms.
Added Bookmark Us to menu.
Removed all old-style font tags for faster loading, search engine indexing.
Began changing broken autoresponder pages to Email This form which isn't server language dependent.
Rated website with ICRA to prevent blocking by parental filters.
Began outsourcing javascript and cascading style sheets for faster loading and search engine preference.
Began unifying page styles.
Reworked background image to accomodate new larger monitors, but load faster.
Created new button design.
Began reworking HMTL code for new browsers.
Changed FAQs graphic as directed.
Added Kudos/Testimonials page.
Reworked FAQs which were in HTML frames into a single, hyperlinked page.
Added contact footer to all pages.
Added Clients page with links from others.
Posted new Tips column, Tips on Buying.
Added homepage tease for column.
Put column in Library.
Updated previous Tips to link to new one.
Posted new Tips column, Making Appraisals Count.
Added homepage tease for column.
Put column in Library.
Updated previous Tips to link to new one.
Removed News Headlines entirely.
Replaced Interest!ALERT newsfeed with dedicated Google News search.
Corrected link on AVM tips page.
Posted new Tips column on Challenging Your Property Taxes.
Added homepage tease for column.
Put column in Library.
Updated previous Tips to link to new one.
Corrected broken links on this page, copyright page, and resume page.
Minor revision of homepage layout.
Added Suggestions page.
Updated Order Form to include referral questions.
Added Ms. Goscinski's role as member of the Columbia Society Board of Governor's to her resume and the homepage.
Checked site for broken links.
Corrected hyperlink on Copyright page.
Updated hyperlink on Locate page.
Updated hyperlinks on Resume page.
Added Real Estate Headline News feature
Added banner ad to Recommend Us page.
Corrected hyperlinks to ASA to reflect their new home page address.
Updated cross-linking on Tips columns, autoresponder, and subscription forms.
Added Tips copyright information.
Posted Ms. Goscinski's latest Tips Column Determining Market Value: AVM Report or Full Appraisal?
Linked new column to previous Tips Column, which was archived.
Put a copy of the new column in the autoresponder Library and updated Catalog.
Added home page tease for new column.
Corrected phone and fax numbers to reflect new Suffolk area code.
Added button link to Service Area Map to each major page.
Posted Privacy Policy page accessible from home page.
Added home page link to Habitat article.
Created hyperlink on Resume page to Columbia Society of Real Estate Appraisers web site.
Created hyperlink in footer of Tips on Selling column directing visitors to Ms. Goscinski's newest Tips column on Private Mortgage Insurance.
Moved link for Ms. Goscinski's article, What's It Worth, from the home page to the autoresponder Library page.
Added What's It Worth to the autoresponder Library.
Revised web site copy to show that Ms. Goscinski is now NY State Deputy Director of the ASA and is now past president its Long Island Chapter.
Posted Ms. Goscinski's article, What's It Worth, reprinted from the current edition of Habitat magazine.
Added additional related websites and recommended books to web links page
Added link to Daniel Kadlec's TIME article on PMI to Tips column on PMI.
Email autoresponder Library is now online.
Added Free Info button linked to new Library page.
Modified Web Links page to offer Library catalog.
Modified both Tips Columns and F.A.Q.s pages to offer the pages by email from the Library.
Enlarged Recommend and Changes buttons to make their functions clearer.
Programmed survey page for Forum visitors.
Added Ethics page.
Installed the F.A.Q.s section programmed to display questions on the left with answers on the right.
Revised Resume page to include Columbia Society of Real Estate Appraisers designation.
Completed keyword analysis and meta tag generation.
Validated all HTML code.
Revised Inquiry form to add selection box for type of appraisal.
Revised Weblinks.
Programmed bad location page to catch incorrect URLs, offer a menu of available pages, and send bad referral links to the webmaster.
Modified WebLinks.
Added categories to Inquiry Form.
Changed Referral button to Recommend Us.
Removed links to unfinished pages.
Added Inquiry Form.
Added WebLinks.
Revised site title.
Posted new Tips column, Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI).
Added subscription button for Tips column.
Moved website to its new home -- http://www.houseappraisals.com
Arranged forwarding for browsers pointed to old URL.
Reworked referral form to use new domain.
Reworked traffic counter for new domain.
Reworked mail-handling for new domain.
Added Service Area Map hyperlinked to other pages.
Changed the resume to a professional biography in narrative form.
Added Tips button and page.
Removed Web Links page.
Formatted and posted professional resume.
Created very preliminary (non-functional) version of Real Estate Forum of New York and linked it to Forum button.
Revised email form to request (but not require) mailing address and phone number and to ask what reply method is preferred. Also revised email from website to inform recipient of host, browser, and webpage used.
Added notice of copyright.
Reworked layout of this page.
Added Web Links button and page.
Rated the website with RSACi, the Regional Software Advisory Council on the Internet.
Programmed Referral forms; added button.
Programmed email form.
Added invisible traffic counter to homepage.
Added this page and a button linking it to it from the homepage.
Removed the Sample button; changed About Us button to Resume.

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Arleen E. Goscinski, ASA, New York State Certified Real Estate Appraiser
New York City, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk New York Real Estate Appraisals
149 Ketay Drive South  East Northport, NY 11731-5031
Phone: 631-368-0519  Fax: 631-486-6360